This table lists the SIFT open source package dependencies.

Name Purpose SIFT Usage Reference
numpy Efficient array and matrix math Data array container and efficient calculations; fast memory-mapped data caching and access Travis E, Oliphant. A guide to NumPy, USA: Trelgol Publishing, (2006).
vispy High level OpenGL python library Map and data visualization

numba Numerical expression compiler Efficient probe area extraction and data transforms
satpy Meteorological satellite data processing python library Read GRIB and other satellite data formats

xarray High level data and metadata container Combined data array and metadata container when loading GRIB and satellite data

dask Parallel and lazy-evaluated array handling Lazily load satellite data from files on disk using multiple threads when possible

Dask Development Team (2016). Dask: Library for dynamic task scheduling

rasterio High level handling of geospatial raster data Converting selected map regions to data array locations for probing
shapely Geometric shape calculations Point and polygon shape representation when doing data probing
netCDF4 NetCDF4 data file format tools Reading GOES-R PUG-compatible imagery
pygrib GRIB/GRIB2 data file format tools for Numerical Weather Prediction and other scientific content Load cross-sections and imagery for display and contouring
SQLAlchemy Object-oriented SQL database operations Metadata caching and querying
PyQt4 Portable application development framework Support Linux, Mac, Windows with one code base
PyInstaller Multi-platform python application bundler Create distributable python bundles and installers for Linux, Mac, and Windows
Inno Setup Windows installation wizard creator Create Windows installer wizard for Windows bundles
Conda Python software package management Conda package generation and distribution through a custom conda channel
Conda-forge Community conda package repository Access newest versions of scientific python packages
GDAL Geospatial Data Abstraction Library Reading certain data file formats
pyproj Geographical Information System (GIS) map projection math Coordinate systems transforms
pyqtgraph Extended PyQt4 widget set Color map editor
imageio Easy pythonic image and video generation Export animations and images using ffmpeg and pillow
ffmpeg Video conversion Exporting animations
pillow Image generation Exporting images
pyyaml Python library for reading the YAML file format Reading configuration files
pyshp GIS Shapefile support library Reading border and coastline shapefiles
appdirs System-specific directory locations Default cache and settings file locations
quamash Python co-routine support for PyQt4 (not yet used) background task scheduling
setuptools Software build / package / install tools Software packaging
scikit-image Collection of image processing algorithms Generate contour lines from image data

matplotlib Interactive scientific plotting Probe graphics John D. Hunter. Matplotlib: A 2D Graphics Environment, Computing in Science & Engineering, 9, 90-95 (2007), DOI:10.1109/MCSE.2007.55 (publisher link)
NaturalEarth Community reviewed shapefiles Border and coastline shapefiles