SIFT 1.0.4 changes include:

SIFT 1.0.3 changes include:

SIFT 1.0.2 changes include:

SIFT 1.0.1 changes include:

SIFT 1.0.0 changes include:

SIFT 0.9.4 changes include:

– Fixes to Windows and Mac installers
– Fix creating RGBs for every time step by hitting “O” on one of the already created RGBs. Previously this didn’t work if you didn’t have every channel chosen.

SIFT 0.9.4b2 changes include:

– Fix exception when loading data while viewing an incompatible projection
– Restrict colormap change vmin/vmax text boxes to 3 decimal places
– Fix exception when removing an RGB layer from the layer list and SIFT tried to purge it from the workspace.
– Change certain deprecation error messages to debug messages

SIFT 0.9.4b1 changes include:

– Fixes and better handling of deleted content from the cache (workspace)
– Refactoring of layer details to behave more predictably
– Purging of cache database information during GUI start up when input files disappear or cache entries are removed.
– Improvements to load-from-cache for previously computed algebraic layers
– Various small fixes for edge cases

SIFT 0.9.4b0 changes include:

– Ability to read ABI CMIP files and HimawariAsCMIP preprocessed files
– Layer details now include information about how an algebraic layer was created

SIFT 0.9.4a3 changes include:

– Fix Algebraic layers not showing up in region probe graph choices
– Update RGB layers to include more information in layer details for band and wavelength
– Fix exception when RGBs don’t have a layer selected for each channel

SIFT 0.9.4a2 changes include:

  • Fix AHI Geotiff loading
  • Modify log messages to be less verbose

SIFT 0.9.4a1 changes include:

  • Entire rewrite of low-level workspace and caching system. Now uses a SQLite database.
  • Added gamma correction to colormap changing dialog and RGB editing pane.
  • Added “Preset Operations” to algebraic layer creation including “Difference”, “Normalized Difference Index”, and “Custom”. The last one allows you to type in any valid python code in to the box. It performs limited syntax checking, but does not check for unknown variables until the actual calculation is attempted on the backend.
  • Gitlab repository moved to “”. If you had the git repository checked out you can fix the remote setup by doing: “git config set-url origin“. Note this is the SSH URL, use “” for HTTPS.

SIFT 0.9.4a0 changes include:

  • Fix stepping through channels when RGBs are present (up/down arrow keys)
  • Fix probe longitude display to wrap to -180/180 range

SIFT 0.9.3 changes include:

  • Modifications/corrections to recently added colormaps

SIFT 0.9.3b0 changes include:

  • New AWIPS colormaps added
  • Bug fix to allow SIFT to open even if it was closed during data loading
  • Require numpy 1.12+ in conda

SIFT 0.9.3a0 changes since 0.9.1 include:

  • “Export Image” functionality via the File->Export Image menu to take screenshots and make animated gifs.
  • Algebraic Layers via the Layer->Create Algebraic menu. These layers CAN be used in RGB combinations.
  • Change colormap and color limits via a context menu on each layer. So right click on a layer and click “Change Colormap…”.