A utility package being tested to convert AHI “HSD” format as well as HimawariCast is available for x86-64 Linux systems. This package encapsulates the modules “himawari” and “goesr” with precompiled code and python runtime in order to convert AHI scenes to Sectorized CMI (for AWIPS-2) and CMI work-alike file formats. The CMI-like format (as generated with the –cmi command-line flag) can be read by SIFT 0.9.4 and newer.


A beta release of axi-tools for Linux can be found at

ftp://ftp.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/sift/dist/util/ .


Windows and macOS versions are currently not available, though Anaconda Python as been used to install the software on macOS. Using Docker or Windows Subsystem for Linux may also be viable options for using this software on Windows or macOS.


axi-tools documentation draft is maintained as a Google Doc.